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Pat & Travis’ Story

Pat & Travis’ Story: All in the Family

Pat and his wife Terri are longtime El Camino Hospital employees. They never imagined their son Travis, who was born at the hospital, would one day end up working at the organization along with them. El Camino Hospital is a special place for the DuBridge family, and their family legacy spans more than 85 combined years at the hospital.

Independent of his parents Travis always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare and is grateful that his father would occasionally share job listings for his consideration. They have now worked together at the hospital for the past four years. Travis is currently Unit Support in Environmental Services but recently finished the certification process for Surgical Technology, and his immediate goal is to work in the Operating Room in Mountain View.

As Director of Facilities Engineering, Pat oversees the team responsible for maintaining all of the buildings and equipment on the Mountain View campus. “I always felt that working in healthcare was truly a higher calling,” Pat says about his career at the hospital. “No matter what you do working in a hospital, you are helping save lives. And Travis must have listened over the years, as he’ll be working with surgeons soon.”

And while some would feel pressure working under the same roof as their parent, let alone both parents, Travis enjoys his time being close to family. He shares, “It is nice seeing both my mom and dad around work ever since I moved out. It’s funny how many other people around the hospital recognize my name and tell me, ‘Oh! You must be Pat's kid!’”

“Lunch is probably the best part of my day,” Travis and Pat agree. “That’s when we can get together as a family, which we try to do as often as our schedules will allow.” Pat jokes that a close second is running into Travis in the hallways and reminding him to “get back to work.”

As Bay Area residents for over 30 years, the DuBridge family is deeply connected to the hospital and their community. One of several families employed together at the hospital, they are grateful for the family-friendly environment and closeness among coworkers. “There is a feeling here that resonates with families and promotes happiness and healing,” says Pat. “Being able to help others get better or find peace is a great responsibility and honor, and we’re fortunate to be able to be a part of it together.”

The DuBridge family never misses a Father’s Day together, often getting together for a barbecue or a Giants game. They try to reunite for other major events and holidays, but they also look forward to their continued time together both in and out of the hospital, spending quality time as a family and just being a “Dube”.