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Peter’s Story

Peter’s Story: The Future of Mental Health Care

2016 rings in Peter’s tenth year with the Behavioral Health Services Department at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View. Now a Training Coordinator for their Psychology Internship Program, Peter has dedicated the majority of his hospital career to improving mental health options for our community. He is familiar with the ever-increasing need for care services and programs in Silicon Valley, especially among adolescents, and he believes that providing comprehensive training for new mental health professionals is a critical piece in securing future generations of care experts.

Having served over 20 years in the US Navy, Peter attributes much of his personal growth and professional development to his time in the service. He began his path as a Naval Flight Officer and later worked as a Navy Psychologist. One of the highlights of his career was serving as a psychologist aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier. In this unique setting, and later at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Peter gained invaluable experience related to integrated healthcare practices that he now shares with new psychologists-in-training at the hospital. 

While El Camino Hospital remains a community hospital prioritizing patient care, the Psychology Internship Program is one of many that helps support larger efforts to improve long-term healthcare options in our community. Started in 2015, the program provides an innovative training structure in addition to being offered in a community hospital environment. The majority of the program is centered around training interns to work with higher acuity patients requiring more frequent and intensive care.  

“The hospital’s Psychology Internship Program is foremost a team endeavor,” Peter added. “Our program allows for collaborative learning from professionals across diverse backgrounds, which creates a well-rounded and meaningful training experience.”

Teaching is a passion for Peter, but the internship program is also a pinnacle of his ten years at the hospital, having watched the program grow from the ground up. He recognizes that whether or not interns are retained and continue their careers at El Camino Hospital, their experiences contribute to an overall strengthening of mental health expertise in the community.

Outside of the hospital, Peter enjoys spending time with his daughter, walking her to school and taking her to swim practices and meets. He hopes that his work and professional efforts will help ensure a positive and supportive future for her, and for generations to come.