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Statement from El Camino Hospital Board Chair on Resolution 2019-03

El Camino Hospital Board Chair Lanhee J. Chen, JD, PhD, released this statement following the February 13, 2019, hospital board meeting. At that meeting, the El Camino Hospital Board adopted Resolution 2019-03 approving funding for SVMD’s acquisition and establishment of five multi-specialty clinics.

“El Camino Hospital is committed to continuing to provide the best care for patients in the community. Like many hospitals across the country, we are collaborating with partners and affiliates – in this case, SVMD – to provide access to healthcare services in non-acute clinical settings. This strategic focus fits with the challenges and opportunities in healthcare today, including an aging population, competition for physicians and an evolving payment structure driven by quality outcomes for patients."

“We appreciated the comments and concerns expressed by community members on the proposed transaction. We are hopeful that the SVMD bid is accepted through the bankruptcy proceedings, and its plans can be implemented.”