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Statement on PRN Negotiations

Mountain View, CA - July 17, 2019 - Kathryn Fisk, chief human resources officer for El Camino Hospital, today released the following statement in response to PRN members’ vote to authorize its leadership to a call for a strike in the future. This vote does not call for a strike nor is it definitive that there will be a strike by PRN.

"While we are disappointed with the outcome of the vote, we remain hopeful that we can reach a mutually acceptable agreement with our valued nurses to continue to together provide leading care for our patients and our community."

"El Camino Hospital and PRN share a commitment to provide exceptional and safe care, and we want to positively resolve these issues as we have been able to do in past contract discussions."

"We can only achieve an agreement if we continue discussions and both parties compromise. In fact, we have already come to agreement on numerous contract terms. We had offered a contract extension with retroactive increases to PRN if they extended their contract which expired on June 20, 2019. PRN declined the offer. We continue to remain available to PRN for discussions. We are confirmed to meet with an external neutral factfinder in early August to assist us in resolving any outstanding contract terms."

"In the event of a PRN’s choice to strike, we have contingency plans in place to ensure that the care at El Camino Hospital is uninterrupted and at the high caliber of care our patients expect and deserve. We hope this step is not necessary, but it is important that our patients and our community know we are prepared to deliver the highest quality of care for them."