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Image of an artists rendering of the new parking garage addition

Traffic and Parking

Our facilities and security teams have developed a transportation demand management plan designed to reduce traffic and congestion on our Mountain View campus. Our current efforts are focused on reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to the campus.

We have created a variety of options for our staff to achieve these goals. These plans include:

  • Off-site staff parking
  • Three staff shuttles with routes from public transportation hubs and off-site parking
  • Staff carpool program
  • Tax incentive programs to encourage use of public transportation

Our teams are also coordinating these efforts with other large employers and agencies in Mountain View and throughout Silicon Valley in an effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in our communities.

Pedestrian and bicycle safety
El Camino Hospital encourages healthy alternatives to driving, including walking and biking. Our campus offers approximately 134 bicycle spaces, which includes bicycle parking in front of the YMCA on North Drive.

The proposed design includes three new or upgraded mid-block and intersection street crossings for pedestrians, and a new pedestrian crossing through the main hospital parking lot. Additionally, there are plans for a new separated sidewalk along Grant Road.

Expansion of North Drive Parking Structure
The expansion of the four-story parking structure will add approximately 300 spaces to the campus. Both the existing garage and the addition will feature photovoltaic panels, which will reduce our energy demand while providing shade for cars parked on the top level.