COVID Home Tests

The El Camino Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy offers 8 rapid COVID tests per month to anyone which are covered by Medical and other commercial plans.
COVID Home Tests at El Camino Health

This program will only run until September 30, 2024.


Keep Healthy. Stay Safe. Test.

How it Works

We deliver at home COVID-19 Antigen test kits to you, for free, as part of your covered benefits under Medical or other commercial insurance plans.

How to Order

To order from us, simply complete the online order form and provide your electronic authorization for us to send you your tests.

What You'll Receive

You'll receive 8 rapid at home Covid-19 Antigen test kits.


If you have any questions related to this program please contact El Camino Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy at 650-988-8240. Our pharmacy is located at 2500 Grant Road Suite 1B20, Mountain View, CA 94040.

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