Patient safety is a priority. We’re committed to transparency in our patient outcomes to make sure the community we serve gets an honest look at how we’re doing.

Hospitals measure the quality of their care and their level of patient safety through patient outcomes. “Outcome” refers to the condition of the patient after receiving medical treatment. Patient outcome reports provide information about how patients are treated, how they recover from treatment and how a hospital compares to other hospitals. Hospitals use patient outcome reports to continuously improve care, which can help assure that patients achieve the best outcomes possible.

For you, the consumer, patient outcome reports help you do the important work of choosing the best quality hospital for the care you need. There can be a wide variation in outcomes for the same medical procedures and conditions at different hospitals across the country.

For example, hospitals that perform a greater number of the same surgeries may have better outcomes for their patients. And patient safety may be higher at hospitals where skilled doctors and nurses work closely together to coordinate care.

How to Choose a Hospital

To choose the best quality hospital, look for a hospital that is:

  • Accredited by The Joint Commission, a national organization that certifies U.S. healthcare organizations on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Rated highly by government, consumer or other trusted groups.
  • A place where your doctor is a member of the medical staff, if that’s important to you.
  • Covered by your health plan.
  • Experienced and known for its success with your condition.
  • Continuously measuring and improving its quality of care.

Learn more about how El Camino Health works hard to ensure the highest standard of patient care:

  • Accreditations. An accreditation is the seal of approval given by independent commissions that determine the standards and guidelines for patient care that promote safety, improve outcomes and inspire hospitals to excel. We're fully accredited.
  • Honors and awards. We strive to earn recognition nationwide for our superior quality and patient satisfaction.
  • Magnet nursing designation. As a Magnet hospital, we offer the highest level of nursing care.
  • Independent evaluators. Consult the commissions, patient advocates and agencies that evaluate hospital care, award quality and publish reports to learn how El Camino Hospital compares with other healthcare providers.