Physician Relations


El Camino Health leadership and all of our associates are committed to developing excellent working relationships with our physicians and other providers. Our Physicians Relations staff can connect you with hospital resources and assist you with everything from managing issues related to your office space to helping you recruit or partner with other physicians. We’ll ensure that you have everything you need to provide exceptional care to your patients.

Here are some of the ways Physician Relations staff works to provide you the best experience possible.

  • Resolving workflow issues. If you have a concern or issue that affects your workflow, let us know so we can address it. Simply fill out a card and place it on the Physician Issue Resolution Board located in the main administration office in Mountain View. The board is reviewed weekly, and your issue will be assigned to a senior administrator for quick resolution. You may also call our office directly at 650-988-7899.
  • Recruitment and onboarding support. We assist with onboarding of new physicians and facilitate recruitment of independent physicians when you are ready to expand your practice or plan your retirement.
  • Practice management seminars. Get tips, tools and resources you can use to grow and strengthen your practice. This free seminar series is offered at each campus monthly. Enjoy a meal and one-hour training on topics of interest to independent physicians, such as improving customer service, how to hire excellent staff and how to reduce overhead. 
  • Physician lounge digital boards. Look for these informative looped presentations on display in physician lounges to learn more about new programs, new Epic features, changes to physician bylaws and other items of interest to medical staff. Updated monthly.
  • Physician celebrations. We appreciate our medical staff, and we want you to know it. Attend our annual physician celebration events: Doctors Day in March and the Physician Holiday Celebration in December. Look for details in the Physician Briefings newsletter and physician lounge digital boards.
  • Community Connect: Epic Ambulatory EMR System. If you are interested in acquiring Community Connect electronic medical records system for your practice, we can help by paying 80 percent of the purchase price. Your office pays just 20 percent. For more information, email
  • eClinical Works liaison support. If you were formerly a member of IPECH using eClinical Works, we can help you with adding or removing a provider to your eClinicalWorks account, as well as removing and changing your automatic debit information. We can also help you make the switch to Community Connect — the EPIC Ambulatory System.
  • C-suite communication assistance. Do you wish to speak with a member of the El Camino Health executive administration? We’ll work with their admins to get you on their calendar quickly and efficiently.

To request any of the services above or for more information about ways we can help, please contact Physician Relations: