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Alex's Story

Alex's Story: Chinese Health Initiative

Alex was first introduced to El Camino Hospital shortly after he moved into the area in the early 1980s. Throughout the years he and his family have utilized the hospital’s services for their medical needs.

Alex’s first experience receiving care at El Camino Hospital was when he was in his 30’s and began experiencing pain in his right leg. He was hospitalized and doctors were able to detect a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) blood clot in his leg. Years later, Alex checked into the emergency room with stroke symptoms, which luckily for Alex, turned out to be a false alarm. More recently, he received treatment for a herniated disk. During each visit, the medical staff was able to diagnose and treat Alex within a matter of days, allowing him the ability to recuperate in the comfort of his home.

“I feel comfortable receiving care at El Camino Hospital” said Alex. “This is a hospital providing good quality care.”

Alex’s family has also had several experiences with El Camino Hospital. After his parents moved in with him, their advanced ages began to take a toll on their health. His father broke both of his legs, requiring surgery each time and his mother visited the emergency room for unbearable abdominal pain. In addition to these difficult experiences, Alex shares that his wife delivered all three of their children at El Camino Hospital.

“We always come back to El Camino Hospital,” adds Alex. “We consider this our hospital. All of our doctors are here and we have very close relationships with them.”

Because of the great care provided to him and his family, Alex decided to give back. In his spare time, Alex volunteers with the Chinese Health Initiative at El Camino Hospital and sits as a member the community advisory board. Through partnerships with other organizations, the Chinese Health Initiative offers specialty services and programs that promote awareness and prevention of health conditions that commonly affect the Chinese population.

“Offering personalized services for Chinese community members has been very useful in eliminating the language barrier,” shares Alex.

Alex believes his leadership in the Chinese Health Initiative, his work on Quality and Patient Care Committee, and his prior service on the hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council has been beneficial to both the hospital and the community. He has had the opportunity to learn more about the hospital, provide suggestions and help improve the care provided to community members, like him and his family.

We’re proud to be able to serve Alex, his family, and the greater Chinese community.