Specialty Programs

El Camino Health's Chinese Health Initiative programs offer education and services to the Chinese community and support to medical professionals to improve understanding of the Chinese culture.



At El Camino Health, we strive to meet your needs while accommodating your cultural preferences. The Chinese Health Initiative offers:

  • Health education and screenings. We offer educational workshops and free screenings for diabetes and hypertension, as well as Diabetes Prevention Series
  • Health literacy. Through a partnership with World Journal, we provide medical information and expert advice with Ask-a-Doc columns. We’ve also partnered with Chinese doctors and community leaders to create a Chinese senior health resource guide (PDF) that helps seniors, their children and grandchildren find health and medical resources for their loved ones.
  • Emotional Well-Being. Because mental health is a vital component of overall health, the Chinese Health Initiative has a program to promote emotional well-being in the Chinese community.
  • Community wellness programs. From exercise classes to wellness talks and dietary consultations, we offer events and services that integrate Eastern and Western approaches to contribute to your overall well-being.
  • Culturally competent care. We work with other departments in El Camino Health to provide insight and support for delivering care that respects your cultural preferences.