Tele-Care Service

Our Tele-Care volunteers make daily phone calls to those who live alone and need personal support. We offer a friendly voice and a sympathetic ear.

Anyone who lives alone — especially older adults or those who are retired, widowed or convalescing from an illness — may benefit from Tele-Care, a daily phone call to check on your well-being. This free service is offered to community residents by volunteers of the El Camino Hospital Auxiliary.

Each day at a pre-arranged time, a Tele-Care volunteer will call to ask how you're doing and listen — our volunteers are good listeners who care about your welfare. Tele-Care service includes weekends and holidays.

If our Tele-Call volunteer is unable to reach you, he or she will call the person you’ve chosen to check on you in an emergency, such as a relative, close friend or neighbor. If no one can be reached, our volunteer will contact your local hospital or police department to request a "welfare check" at your residence.

Need to Hear a Friendly Voice?

To find out if Tele-Care is right for you or a loved one, you can discuss your needs with the Tele-Care volunteer team leader. We offer appointments on Thursday and Friday mornings from 8 to 9:30 am. Call us at 650-988-7558 to schedule a call.



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