Chinese Senior Health Resource Guide

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New! 2022 Health Resource Guide for Chinese Seniors in Santa Clara County 

Navigating the US medical system can be a challenge for Chinese seniors, especially if they are not born in the US and have limited command of the English language.  The Senior Health Resource Guide, produced by the Chinese Health Initiative in 2014, features a wealth of useful health information and resources especially for Chinese Seniors. A collaborative effort between our Chinese-speaking physicians and leaders from the Chinese community, the bilingual Guide is written in Chinese and English so that senior citizens can share it with families and care givers. We have updated this contacts and contents to make this valuable resource guide continuously applicable and useful for our community. 

Promoting health literacy with information that fosters physical and emotional wellbeing in our community is one of our top priorities. The Senior Health Resource Guide features a wealth of information to help Chinese seniors with limited command of the English language navigate the American medical system.  

Below is a summary of the contents:

  • Updated – Current contacts and resources throughout the South Bay Area
  • Bilingual – In Chinese and English so that it can be shared with family members and caregivers
  • Basics – Overview of the American medical system, how to choose a family doctor and medical specialist, patient rights, and a list of potentially dangerous interactions between Chinese herbal medicines and prescription drugs
  • Facilities – South Bay Area clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing facilities, 
    and more
  • Community resources – Information about senior needs, including nutrition, exercise, social activities, transportation services, and assisted
    living programs and facilities
  • Common Chinese senior health concerns – An overview of common conditions affecting seniors and tips for good health and prevention
  • Health insurance – Tips on navigating Medicare, Medi-Cal and Covered California