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Emotional Well-Being

Because mental health is a vital component of overall health, the Chinese Health Initiative has a program to promote emotional well-being in the Chinese community.


Emotion Management「情緒管理」

Emotional Well-Being


Chinese Health Initiative's Emotional Well-Being Program features bilingual, culturally sensitive, community focused education and resources to help manage the natural ups and downs of life, improve the ability to make positive life choices, and positively influence physical and emotional well-being.

Common Emotional Well-Being Health Concerns

Where to seek help -
Mental Health Services and Resources in South Bay

Search for Chinese-speaking care provider: 

Mental Health Association for Chinese Communities

39120 Argonaut Way #434, Fremont, CA 94538 
Services: education, research, support, and services to Chinese families and individuals affected by mental illness. MHACC also holds various support groups in Chinese. 

Support Groups for Chinese community

NAMI Family Support Groups are currently held online. For more information, call 800-881-8502 or click here to learn more

Mental Health Clinic and Services

Mental Health and Addiction Services, El Camino Health
2500 Grant Road, Mountain View, CA 94040
866-789-6089 (toll-free)

Provides treatment for people experiencing significant mental health mood symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.

Intensive outpatient behavioral health program specifically designed for older adults who can benefit from psychiatric treatment in a multidisciplinary setting.

After-School Program Interventions and Resiliency Education® (ASPIRE) helps children, teens and young adults with anxiety, depression or other symptoms related to a mental health condition.

Learn about Mental Health and Addiction Services at El Camino Health

San Mateo County

Behavioral Health & Recovery Services

ACCESS Call Center: 800-686-0101 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Local Crisis Line: 650-579-0350
Free, confidential emotional support. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alameda County

Asian Health Services510-735-3900
310-8th Street, Suite 210, Oakland, CA 94607

ACCESS Program: 800-491-9099  
Provides information, screening and referrals for mental health and substance use disorder treatment for Alameda County residents.

Santa Clara County

Integrated Behavioral Health, Asian American Community Involvement

6-12 weekly individual sessions with Behavioral Health Psychologists to cope with stressful situations, behaviors or moods that may affect your overall medical condition and recovery. Health education and support groups may also be offered based on need and availability. For details, learn more
Call 408-975-2730 and ask for Integrated Behavioral Health.

Behavioral Health Services Call Center: 800-704-0900
The centralized entry point for individuals who are seeking behavioral health services in Santa Clara County. Call center staff will connect you with a referral to a county mental health or substance use treatment program, or a community-based organization.  

  • Hours: 24-hours, 7 days a week 
  • Translation services available 
  • Serve Santa Clara County residents who receive Medi-Cal or Medicare benefits, or have no insurance.

Mental Health Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic: 408-885-7855
2221 Enborg Lane, San Jose CA 95128
Open every day 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
The clinic provides screening, assessment, crisis intervention, referral and short-term treatment to adolescents and adults experiencing a behavioral health crisis and need immediate help, regardless of insurance or immigration status.

988 – Crisis & Suicide Prevention Lifeline
If a person, or a loved one, are experiencing the following, they should call 988 if they:

  • Are in mental health or substance use crisis. 
  • Having mental health distress, including thoughts of suicide.
  • They just need to talk.

The line provides interpretation for more than 200 languages and includes services for the hearing- and visually impaired. Trained counselors answer all calls to give needed support. Calls are anonymous and confidential.
988 is free and available 24/7 for anyone. Callers with 408, 650, and 669 area codes dial 988* to get compassionate support and connection to local crisis service

Asian LifeNet Hotline: 877-990-8585 
Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Fujianese are offered.

National Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255) 
150+ languages are offered.


Enhance Your Emotional Well-Being Webinars

Workshops conducted in Mandarin by clinical psychologists

A rapidly changing environment has had a substantial impact on our lives, causing an increase in mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. We all respond to adversity in different ways, but learning to build resilience can help us adjust and adapt during difficult times. The clinical psychologist outline practical suggestions that can strengthen physical and emotional well-being.

Recordings now available:

Watch all previous CHI videos on YouTube.

For a list of all other events and classes, click here.

Mindful Self-Care Series

Developed by the Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC) and the Zen Caregiving Project (ZCP). A six-week workshop to experience how to take care of ourselves to improve overall physical and mental health. Covers mindfulness, cultivating compassion, self-care, mindful communication, maintaining healthy boundaries and building resilience through sharing. This training is conducted in Mandarin.

Upcoming dates:

For registration and more information, visit the CACCC website.


An ancient Chinese mind-body practice that promotes physical mental, and emotional health. Through mindful movement of the body, Qigong can increase energy, improve mood, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Watch Dayan Qigong Demo to learn more (conducted in Mandarin).

For a list of all upcoming events and classes, click here.

Well-Being Tips

Watch for frequent updates and additions to these sites.

Everyone encounters challenging times in their lives, when certain situations can cause distress or sadness. Fortunately, there are simple, everyday things a person can do to make life better.

Watch for monthly bilingual tips about everyday approaches to help you build resiliency and positively influence your physical and emotional well-being. Learn more.

Month Topic
January Choose Happy
February S.T.O.P. To Keep Relationships Moving
March The Power of No