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Maintain and Manage Emotional Well-Being

Because mental health is a vital component of overall health, the Chinese Health Initiative has a program to promote emotional well-being in the Chinese community.


Emotion Management「情緒管理」

Emotional Well-Being


Physicians will advise, and studies show that it is important to maintain your emotional well-being and build your strength and resilience in order to have the capacity to do better work and take care of your family.  

Yet, with constant pressures and changes in our lives, we can experience periods of stress, anxiety, and even depression. These feelings can impact the quality of our lives, and the lives of those around us. And cause issues that are as important to deal with as traditional health issues.

Your emotional health can be affected when you go through transitions in life. These can include stress at work, being a parent, changes in your children’s emotional health, pressures of caring for a parent, relationship issues including divorce or a death in the family.  

We also know that in our culture, there is often a stigma associated with acknowledging you have an issue and a cultural barrier to seeking help or treatment. If you are experiencing emotional health issues -- you are not alone and we are here to help. 
Surveys in Santa Clara County* have found:

  • 24% of Chinese residents felt depressed one or more times in the past week
  • 18% of teenagers felt sad or hopeless for two weeks or more in that past 12-month
  • Chinese residents confirmed that they do not have the information that they need to manage and improve emotional and mental health. And that what is available to them is out of date, inaccurate, not in their preferred language or difficult to follow. 

The Chinese Health Initiative has worked with our Chinese Speaking Physician Network, El Camino Health, community experts in emotional health management and Chinese organizations to collect, create and share effective, and easy-to-use, advice and tools to manage your emotional health and the emotional health of those you care about. 

Prioritize your emotional well-being. Remember you are not alone and we are here to help.  Start today! 

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Common Emotional Well-Being Health Concerns

Enhance Your Emotional Well-Being Webinars

Workshops conducted in Mandarin by clinical psychologists

A rapidly changing environment has had a substantial impact on our lives, causing an increase in mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. We all respond to adversity in different ways, but learning to build resilience can help us adjust and adapt during difficult times. The clinical psychologist outline practical suggestions that can strengthen physical and emotional well-being.

Recordings now available:

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Well-Being Tips

Watch for frequent updates and additions to these sites.

Everyone encounters challenging times in their lives, when certain situations can cause distress or sadness. Fortunately, there are simple, everyday things a person can do to make life better.

Watch for monthly bilingual tips about everyday approaches to help you build resiliency and positively influence your physical and emotional well-being. Learn more.

Month Topic
January Choose Happy
February S.T.O.P. To Keep Relationships Moving
March The Power of No
April Healing Expressions:
Laughter is the Best Medicine
May How to Keep Your Cool and Calm Down in the Moment
June I’m Fine! Everything is Fine.
July 3 Steps to Outsmart Stress
August Is Something Missing? (Friendship)
September Practice Mindfulness

*Asian Pacific Islander’s Health Assessment