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Behavioral Health Building

The new facility will include a 36-bed inpatient unit, with partial hospitalization mental health programs on the second floor. The flexible configuration is designed to meet current industry standards and patient needs.

Mental Health & Addiction Services at El Camino Hospital include:

  • Inpatient services for acute psychiatric care
  • Outpatient programs and services for youth and adults with mental illness
  • After-School Program Interventions and Resiliency Education (ASPIRE)
  • Maternal Outreach Mood Services
  • Specialized support programs for substance use and addictions
  • Older Adult Transition Services (OATS)


The inpatient unit will have access to three enclosed exterior courtyards, including the James and Akiko Satake courtyard, providing patients with access to the outdoors. A new, enclosed garden on the north side of the building will also provide a peaceful outdoor environment for patients, visitors and employees.

The Fulfilling the Promise fundraising initiative led by Donna and John Shoemaker is making a significant contribution to mental health and addiction services at El Camino Hospital.