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Doris’ Story: RoadRunners Transportation

Doris suffers from sleep apnea and after falling asleep while driving and having an accident last May, Doris stopped driving at the age of 87. But she didn’t let that stop her from getting out and about and going on with her daily routine. Up until a year ago, Doris was playing tennis three times a week! Clearly, she is an active woman who wasn’t about to give up her independence.

Doris has a few health issues and sees a chiropractor regularly. Sometimes she has two to three doctor’s appointments a week. She relies on El Camino Hospital’s RoadRunners transportation service to get her to those appointments and back home again. “I am very, very happy with them; they have been a godsend to me,” says Doris. “They treat me like I am their best customer whenever I call. The drivers are professional and the prices are reasonable, and in fact, cheaper than most other services. Every person I have dealt with is delightful and I use RoadRunners exclusively to get around,” she adds.

A couple of months ago, Doris noticed that the wait times seemed a little longer than usual. Then, she found out that RoadRunners partnered with Lyft and if she couldn’t get a ride with one of her regular drivers, she could get one from a Lyft driver by calling the RoadRunners service. There is no need to download an app to schedule a ride, Doris simply calls the RoadRunners phone number (650-940-7016) and the dispatcher takes care of everything for her – scheduling, tracking and payment processing. She appreciates being able to request a ride when needed and only having to make one call for service without worrying about the technology aspect.

“I use the RoadRunners service pretty often,” Doris explains. “I gladly use Lyft drivers to go to the grocery store or to have my hair done, or whenever I can’t get a ride with one of my regular drivers.”