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Jeanne & Nancy's Story

Jeanne & Nancy's Story: Nurses and Friends

Friends for over 35 years, Nancy and Jeanne met in a speech class in college and were on the same debate team. Jeanne arrived on crutches. Nancy stepped in to help her out and a friendship bloomed. This willingness to support each other has been a theme throughout their long and close friendship and working relationship at El Camino Hospital.

It seems the two were always meant to be a team. At their college graduation, Jeanne did the opening remarks and Nancy handled the closing comments. They both love the nursing profession and from the beginning, it showed. They went to work at El Camino Hospital after graduation. Jeanne says, “we started here together and will most likely end our careers here together!” Jeanne explains that she and Nancy have the same core values and they have worked together so long that one of them can start with a patient and the other can easily finish the task. Over the years, they have carpooled together, vacationed together, shared dreams and childrearing stories.

Nancy moved out of the area for a few years but continued to pursue her nursing career at another facility while Jeanne continued working at El Camino Hospital. Eventually Nancy returned to the Bay Area. The two kept in touch throughout their time apart, but Jeanne never stopped wanting to get Nancy to return to El Camino Hospital and work with her again. She found the perfect opportunity when a position became available in Radiation Oncology.

Jeanne says, “We know each other like sisters. We are always looking for our next adventure. It is so easy to work with someone you trust. We can only go a day or two without talking and then we have to get together and chat!”

The pair have great things to say about working at El Camino Hospital. “There is a certain pride that comes with being an El Camino Hospital nurse. You are held to a certain standard,” explains Jeanne. “This hospital has always been progressive and provided us every opportunity to better ourselves. I am proud to work here and proud of what this hospital stands for. It has helped me to be a better nurse,” adds Nancy. Both had a background in chemotherapy and they say this helps them to better understand what their patients are going through and the special challenges these patients face. “We find this work very rewarding. We empathize with our patients and share their trials as they go through their treatment. We develop a closeness with our patients and they become like family,” says Jeanne.

When asked to provide one word to describe the other, Nancy said “loyal” and Jeanne responded with “friend.” Those two words say it all!