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Ryan Schroeder, Taft Center for Clinical Research

Taft Center for Clinical Research Advances Medical Care

When most people think about medical research, the immediate association is with large academic organizations. El Camino Hospital, a nonprofit community hospital, has been involved with clinical research since the 1990’s through the work of its physicians. As the clinical research program become more formal and expanded, it was fully integrated as part of hospital operations to support the work and bring the latest leading-edge research to patients. In 2015, the Taft Center for Clinical Research at El Camino Hospital was created.

Ryan Schroeder, director of the Taft Center for Clinical Research, explains more: “What makes research at El Camino Hospital unique is that our patients have access to world-class physicians and medical innovations, while receiving a highly personalized experience and feeling well-cared for. Physicians at a community hospital have expertise based on years of practical application that allows for some trials to be performed at El Camino Hospital that could not be performed at a large academic center. These factors allow us to conduct a full breadth of types and phases of clinical trials addressing the patient journey, from disease prevention and diagnosis, to treatment and supportive care.”

El Camino Hospital, with its culture of innovation, has embraced clinical research. The Taft Center for Clinical Research collaborates with hospital departments to find clinical trials that have scientific merits, fit the hospital’s risk profile and will positively affect its patients and community. In his role, Ryan works with the departments that will be involved with a clinical trial to ensure that they are committed to the study and that the increased volume and workflow will not interfere with day-to-day patient services.

While El Camino Hospital has focused many of its trials on heart and vascular research, physicians also conduct studies addressing other medical specialties – such as oncology, gastroenterology, and pulmonology – including a recent trial looking at the use of robotic technologies to diagnose pulmonary diseases.

Ryan is proud to be part of the continuous advancement of medicine through groundbreaking research. “Everything we do in the hospital right now to treat patients originated from medical research and evidence-based care. El Camino Hospital understands that, and our physicians are deeply committed to being involved in research and leading-edge therapy techniques.”

Learn more about clinical trials and the current studies available at the Taft Center for Clinical Research. For questions about clinical trials, please call us at 650-962-4463.