Specialty Programs

Our specialty cancer programs at El Camino Health range from the latest treatment advances to prevention and early cancer detection to a Survivorship Program.

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As we partner with you in your battle against cancer, we offer you advanced treatment options and specialized services to maintain or restore your health and support your recovery process long after your treatment ends:

  • Ethos™ adaptive radiation therapy. This leading-edge technology allows for the highest level of customization and precision in radiation therapy.
  • Calypso® radiation. The Calypso® 4D Localization System tracks the location of your tumor during radiation treatment for greater precision and fewer side effects.
  • Prevention and early detection. Our screening and assessment programs help identify cancer in its earliest stages, when it’s most treatable. We also offer you access to genetic counseling and testing to provide answers about how your genes affect your cancer risk.
  • Survivorship Program. Through this innovative program, we stay connected throughout your treatment and recovery process to provide you with the support you need.

Cancer Care Expertise

When you choose El Camino Health for your care, you can count on exceptional care. Our superior standard of care earned us a three-year accreditation with commendation from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons — the highest accreditation for a community hospital.

Accreditation ensures that you receive quality care close to home, using evidence-based, national treatment guidelines. Other benefits to you include:

  • A team approach that draws on the expertise of many cancer specialties to select the best cancer treatment options available.
  • Personalized services such as an oncology coordinator to coordinate your care, palliative care services for pain management, and thorough education about your disease.
  • Options for the newest treatments, participation in clinical trials and genetic assessment and counseling.
  • Follow-up care at the completion of your treatment, including a survivorship care plan that offers our support as long as you need us.

We have everything in place to provide you with exceptional care.