TapCloud app uses AI-driven, patient-friendly tools to capture symptoms and automatically identify when you are in need.

TapCloud provides a direct connection to your care providers for you and your loved ones. You or your caregiver can simply tap on the words that reflect how you're feeling. The word cloud symptom tracker is unique to you, your conditions, your medications and your history – and it learns and evolves each time you use it.

App Screenshots
TapCloud TapCloud TapCloud

Specific features include:

  • The app is tailored to you to reflect your experience each day based on your diagnosis, medications, past responses and possible future complications.
  • Easily send and receive messages or chat face-to-face with video visits.
  • Snap and share your pictures with your care team or your loved ones when needed. Everything is completely secure and your privacy is fully protected.

To use TapCloud, download the app or visit the website
Google Play | App Store

To access the TapCloud App:

  1. Go to the app store on your device (iPhone App Store or Google Play Store).
  2. Search for TapCloud, then download and open the app.
  3. Your El Camino Health care team will provide you with an ID and PIN to log in to your account.