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Reducing Risk of Heart Attack and Diabetes

South Asian Heart Center Focuses on Reducing Risk of Heart Attack and Diabetes

February is National Heart Month, and every month is Heart Month for the South Asian Heart Center.

Since 1964, when President Lyndon B. Johnson declared February to be American Heart Month, health organizations across the nation have targeted specific groups to increase awareness about risks, prevention and management of heart disease. Professionals at El Camino Health were among the first in the nation to recognize and address the high incidence of diabetes and heart attack among Indian and other South Asian communities.

The South Asian Heart Center has been working to reduce that risk since 2006, through culturally tailored, science-based and lifestyle-focused services. Community Benefit grant funding helps the South Asian Heart Center provide services in person and virtually, including:

  • Public and provider education and workshops
  • Community health fairs and screenings
  • AIM to Prevent and STOP-D program services, such as:
    • Comprehensive risk profiling
    • Results and recommendations review and planning consultations
    • Health coaching
    • Yearly checkups
    • Classes, workshops, newsletters and other motivational information
    • Real-time blood sugar monitoring

The South Asian Heart Center is a valuable partner in promoting heart health and preventing diabetes and obesity, identified as critical needs in our 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment.

See the complete list of fiscal year 2024 grant partners and sponsorships.


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