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Health Tips

October 2017 Health Tips

However, fall symbolizes a lot of other things — it can mean change, new beginnings, balance, and letting go — all things that can affect your health. Take some time to incorporate these healthy tips into your regular routine, and see if they make a difference in your well-being during the fall season.

1-Minute Tip: Take some vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can occur if you’re in an area with high pollution, spend a lot of time indoors, or use sunscreen. Vitamin D fights disease, reduces depression, and can help boost weight loss. Since there aren’t many foods that are great sources of vitamin D, it’s suggested that adults up to age 70 take 600 IUs of vitamin D per day. Adults over age 70 should up that amount to 800 IUs.

5-Minute Tip: Get your flu shot. The CDC recommends an annual flu shot every year for anyone over the age of six months. Flu shots are available at almost every pharmacy with no wait, or from your primary care physician. It’s one of the easiest and quickest things we can do for our health and for the health of those around us.

15-Minute Tip: Order your groceries online. A lot of grocery stores now offer this service, which allows you to go online and fill your virtual shopping cart, and — for a small fee — they’ll do the shopping and bagging for you, so you can pick up at a later time. This is a lifesaver for busy individuals, and it’s also an easier way to resist temptations and select healthier items.

30-Minute Tip: Take on a new mental challenge. Research shows that participating in challenging mental activities that would generally be outside our comfort zone are great for our brains. Try something that you don’t normally do — read, do a crossword puzzle, learn a new language, or volunteer. The possibilities are endless.

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