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10 Perks for Our Patients

Here are just a few about our Los Gatos campus from Bonnie Doak, a member of the Patient & Family Advisory Council. Among other things, this group gathers feedback from patients and makes suggestions so we can continually enhance our services.

  1. Courteous staff. “From ER staff to the environmental services team, everyone knows my name and treats me with respect.”
  2. Considerate nurses. “The a.m. nursing team is thoughtful and understanding when my husband visits me before going to work.”
  3. Dedicated to improvement. “Nurses welcome my feedback and address my concerns.”
  4. Soothing sounds. “I really enjoy the Healing Arts musicians. Their tunes fill the hospital’s hallways and waiting areas.”
  5. Service with a heart. “I often need my blood drawn for lab work. What could be a painful experience is anything but thanks to the skilled phlebotomists.”
  6. Informed care. "During hospital visits, I am provided a list of medications I’ll be given, which nurses then review with me. The list is very helpful to refer to when I’m at home.”
  7. Privacy. “As much as possible, the nursing team ensures that patients have a private room. That’s an effort other hospitals don’t make.”
  8. Epic tech. Doak applauds the hospital’s electronic medical records system, called iCare. She no longer worries about medical staff having trouble accessing my records, and other local hospitals are able to access them, if necessary.
  9. Shorter ER wait times “I have received faster treatment at El Camino Hospital’s Los Gatos ER than elsewhere.”
  10. Parking spaces - lots of them. “I find parking much more quickly here than at other local hospitals.”

This article first appeared in the Summer 2016 edition of the El Camino Hospital Health Beat magazine.