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Be Skin-Aware, Year-Round

Protecting your skin means using a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher year-round, avoiding the sun when possible, covering up with a hat and UV-blocking sunglasses, and of course avoiding tanning booths completely.

Skin cancer, when detected and treated early, is the most curable form of cancer. An annual skin screening with a dermatologist is the best way to ensure that any skin changes are promptly diagnosed and properly treated. If you have any of the factors that put you at increased risk for skin cancer, an annual skin screening is particularly important:

  • Light skin
  • Skin that burns easily
  • Blue or green eyes
  • Blond or red hair
  • Skin that freckles
  • A large number of moles
  • History of sunburns or indoor tanning
  • Family history of skin cancer

No matter what your risk factors, a regular skin screening should be part of your health care routine. El Camino Hospital can provide you with a referral to a dermatologist. Click here and search by specialty.

This article first appeared in the March 2014 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.