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Build Fitness into your Holiday Plans

Build Fitness into Your Holiday Plans

In addition to weight management, exercise is proven to elevate your mood, keep your heart healthy, lower your risk of disease, and leave you feeling energized. If you need more motivation this season, try out these tips to incorporate fitness into your busy schedule:

  • Find a gym with perks: Gyms are an obvious place to work out, but going can sometimes feel monotonous. Gym memberships that offer perks like group exercise classes, a running track, or a swimming pool add variety and interest to your workout routine.
  • Go ice skating/roller skating: During the winter months, find a rink and tie up your skates. If an ice rink is hard to find, a retro roller rink can give you just as much fun and exercise.
  • Make small changes at work: If you spend most of your day in an office, sneak in a few physical breaks to feel energized and active. If your office is a multi-level building, take the stairs rather than the elevator to your floor. Consider swapping your chair for a standing desk, and be sure to take a few minutes every hour to walk around and increase your blood flow.
  • Create an at-home routine: It’s not always easy finding time to exercise, but a quick exercise routine at home can be a good alternative. Make time for simple exercises that don’t require equipment. A couple circuits of jumping-jacks, push-ups, crunches, and squats every morning before you get in the shower are enough.
  • Hit the dance floor. Don’t be a wallflower at parties and celebrations – join in the fun and show off your best dance moves when the music starts. At home, put on an upbeat playlist and commit to dancing through just two songs. Chances are you’ll be having so much fun – and feeling so good – you’ll want to continue.
  • Find a buddy: Working out with a partner is known to help improve motivation and performance. Running laps or playing a sport with a friend makes exercise more competitive, interactive, and fun. You can hold each other accountable and cheer for your successes.