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December 2014: Healthy Tips

1 minute:
Turn the volume off on your phone before you go to sleep. The holidays can be a busy and stressful season and it's important to get enough sleep in order to stay healthy. Don't let your phone wake you up before you're ready.

5 minutes:
Snack throughout the day. Yes, even if you have a big holiday meal coming up. This will prevent you from overeating when you sit down at the table or walk up to the buffet just because you're so hungry. Pay attention to what you choose to splurge on during the holidays, and you won't need those elastic waistband sweats.

15 minutes:
Remember to make time for yourself during the holidays. Whether you're hosting the festivities or visiting with family and friends, it can be hard to be on someone else's schedule. If you find yourself getting stressed out, take a short walk or some time to sit alone in a quiet spot, it'll help you keep your cool and enjoy the company you're in.

30 minutes:
Make sure to take all necessary precautions while putting lights on your tree or house this year. Some safe tips include tossing old strands of lights, and replacing them with modern lights with fused plugs – this will prevent sparks in the case of a short circuit. Before using any lights, check to make sure they don't have cracked cords, frayed ends, or loose connections. And as always, be careful with ladders – make sure it's on level ground, have a helper hold the bottom of the ladder, and only allow one person on the ladder at a time.

This story first appeared in the December 2014 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.