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Fall-Proofing 101

Falls are the leading cause of injury among adults ages 65 and older, and the experience can be life changing. When older adults suffer a major fracture, they often experience a lengthy recovery that’s sometimes very debilitating. What’s more, fear of falling again can lead to a downward cycle and decreased mobility, which can result in reduced strength and added risk.

The good news is that many falls and related injuries are avoidable. Some helpful strategies:

  • Improve your balance and coordination with gentle exercise such as walking or tai chi.
  • Keep your home properly lit and wear glasses with an up-to-date prescription.
  • Wear well fitting shoes with tied shoelaces and nonskid soles.
  • Secure rugs with double-sided tape, unclutter walkways, and install grab bars in bathrooms and handrails on staircases.

This article first appeared in the Spring 2015 edition of the El Camino Hospital Health Beat magazine.