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February Health Tips

February 2024 Health Tips

With several more weeks of winter ahead of us, take a few minutes to focus on YOU with these easy health tips!

1 minute: Start getting your feet beach ready now – and ward off dry, cracked skin by slathering on an emollient cream (Eucerin is a good one) and sleeping with a pair of socks on. You’ll love the way your feet look and feel in the morning!

5 minutes: Check your blood pressure. February is Heart Month, and a healthy heart starts with a healthy blood pressure. If you don’t own a blood pressure cuff, you can find a blood pressure machine in most drugstores and check it for free. But blood pressure monitors can be purchased for as little as $30, so why not invest in your health and buy one today?

15 minutes: You know what else affects your heart health? Stress! Try a relaxing “tapping” routine and notice how quickly you feel calm. Just Google “tapping for stress relief” for tons of examples, or click here for a short video.

30 minutes: Send Valentine’s Day Cards! Everybody loves to get a card in the mail, but not everybody has a loved on to send them a special holiday card. Identify one or two people who might be alone and lonely, then send them a Valentine’s Day greeting (anonymously if you wish). Not only will you make their day, but doing small acts of kindness if actually good for your own heart health!


This article appeared in the February 2024 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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