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Great Gifts for Everyone on Your List

  • Activity Tracking Device. Getting fit is more fun with a mobile device that tracks steps, distance, time, calories burned, heart rate and more. Great for men, women, teens
  • Gym Shoes. There’s nothing like a new pair of training shoes to get you up and moving. And this year, the more colorful the better! Great for anyone
  • Spa Gift Certificate. A little pampering and relaxation will be a welcome gift for the busiest people you know. Great for women and seniors
  • Smartphone sport armband. For keeping connected and hands-free while working out, these armbands fit the bill. Great for men, women, teens
  • Meditation CD. Even the most stressed people on your list can find a little calm and relaxation with the help of guided meditation. It’s a great way to ensure they focus on themselves! Great for men, women, seniors
  • Ski or Bike Helmet. The best gift you can give to protect skiers and cyclists of all ages. Great for anyone
  • Foam Roller. These versatile fitness aids can help improve workouts, massage sore muscles, and build better balance. Great for men, women, seniors
  • Personal Training Gift Certificate. Even novice exercises will be more confident and motivated after a session or two with a certified personal trainer. Great for men, women, seniors
  • Herb Garden Kit. Bring a little green – and a whole lot of flavor – into any kitchen. The herbs are easy to grow, and will enhance any healthy meal! Great for men, women, seniors
  • Fitness Video. Kids of all ages will appreciate a fun and interactive game that also challenges their fitness. Great for teens and kids of all ages
  • Resistance Bands. With dozens of ways to use these ingenious little bands, they’re great for improving strength and flexibility or aiding in stretching routines. Great for women and seniors
  • Water Bottle. Encourage hydration with a bottle that infuses water with a subtle hint of fruit flavor. Great for anyone
  • Dark Chocolate. For an indulgent gift that’s still healthy, give them some high-quality dark chocolate to enjoy. Skip those that have fillings or lots of things added. Great for anyone
  • Hula Hoop. This provides a double healthy bonus: it’s sure to get them laughing and moving! Great for anyone


This article first appeared in the December 2013 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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