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Holiday 2016 Health Tips

No matter how much time you have, these quick tips will help you keep you happy and healthy during the holiday season.

1-minute tip: Find some mistletoe. Kissing has been found to offer fantastic health benefits. Smooching a loved one can help reduce blood pressure, heal headaches, lessen menstrual cramps, fight cavities, and boost self-esteem.

5-minute tip: Check the heater. As the days get chillier, schedule an appointment to have your furnace inspected. A yearly cleaning and inspection ensures that your heater is working properly with no gas leaks or malfunctions.

15-minute tip: Revise the menu. Holidays usually require copious amounts of meal planning and cooking. Take some time to look over what will be served and swap out less nutritious dishes or ingredients to make the meal healthier (e.g. using mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes or trying dairy-free eggnog).

30-minute tip: Help clean up. Holiday gatherings and meals can be fun — and messy. Be helpful and offer to pitch in with the clean up after an event. Not only will you feel good about helping with the tedious task, you’ll also be on your feet and active.

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