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Holiday Travel Trips

Holiday Travel Trips

More than one out of three of us will be traveling at some point during the holidays. Whether we plan to go by car or plane, remembering these easy tips will help make the trip a little healthier and more enjoyable.

1-minute tip: To combat lower body stiffness, extend your leg and slowly rotate your foot clockwise 5 times, then switch directions and rotate counter clockwise for the same number of repetitions. Repeat with the other foot. Repeat at least once every hour while traveling.

5-minute tip: If you are on an airplane, stand up and walk all the way to the back, do a few stretches, then walk back to your seat. Repeat two or three times if possible. Just getting up to walk to the bathroom isn’t enough — you need to take a few more minutes and get your blood flowing again!

15-minute tip: Eat a healthy snack. If possible, forego the airline snacks and processed food and enjoy your own nutritious treat instead. Pack apple slices, a handful of nuts or a few cubes of cheese, cucumber slices and a tablespoon or two of hummus in a small bento box for a perfectly refreshing snack that will also help keep you hydrated.

30-minute tip: If you aren’t driving or taking care of small children on a plane, put in some earplugs or soothing music, shut your eyes (or put on an eye mask for even more relaxation) and spend 30 minutes just focusing on your breathing. This meditation time will leave you relaxed, calm and with enough energy to face the toughest travel challenges. If you are driving, try to let someone else take the wheel for 30 minutes every couple of hours. If that’s not possible, take a 30 minute break and walk around at a rest stop to ensure you remain alert and refreshed.

Bonus Tip: Hydration! Make sure that every member of your family stays hydrated by bringing along refillable water bottles. Many airports no longer sell single-use water bottles, but all airports having water bottle filling stations. You can also ask for your bottle to be filled by a flight attendant or server at a restaurant.


This article first appeared in the December 2019 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.