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Infused Spa Water

Infused Spa Water Recipes

Stay hydrated with these delicious - and healthy - spa water recipes.

Once you've tested these drink combos, try mixing different fruits and herbs for other refreshing flavors.

Strawberry Mint

Strawberry Mint

Add a handful of sliced strawberries to your ice water, along with a few mint leaves. Let the mixture soak before drinking.

Lemon, Cucumber, Mint and Ginger

Lemon, Cucumber, Mint & Ginger

In your bottle of ice water, combine three thin lemon slices, a handful of thinly-sliced cucumbers, a few mint leaves and grated ginger to taste. Let ingredients soak, then enjoy!

Orange Rosemary

Orange Rosemary

Cut a few thin slices of oranges in half and add them to your ice water infuser. Add two small sprigs of rosemary, let soak, then drink up!

Grapefruit Basil

Grapefruit Basil

Cut grapefruit into a few thin slices, chopping in half to make smaller pieces. Combine the grapefruit slices, basil leaves and ice water in infuser. Let beverage soak before hydrating.

Blueberry Lime Cilantro

Blueberry Lime Cilantro

In your bottle of ice water, add a handful of thinly-sliced limes, blueberries and cilantro. Give the fruit some time to soak before drinking. Don't like cilantro? Try basil instead!

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