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Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving

We feel good when we are generous, when we serve, when we bring a smile to someone’s face. We overcome the anxiety aroused by a daily barrage of bad news when we help to repair a small corner of the world as volunteers and donors.

At El Camino Hospital Foundation, our donors see the impact of their generosity on patients, families and the community every day.

  • Donations to the cancer patient assistance fund help patients overwhelmed by the financial and logistical impacts of illness.
  • Gifts to mental health and addiction services support compassionate, specialty therapy for anxious, depressed teens and overwhelmed new moms.
  • Contributions to the Free Mammogram Program ensure uninsured and underinsured women in our community have access to the screening mammograms and follow-up diagnostic tests that can save lives and protect families.
  • Community support for the South Asian Heart Center and Chinese Health Initiative help El Camino Hospital provide better care to our diverse community.
  • Members of our Hope to Health philanthropic council pool their donations and vote on annual grants that underwrite innovative health care programs for women and families.

Our donors come from all walks of life. They are young and old, men and women, grateful patients and proud employees, dedicated doctors and caring nurses, major philanthropists and annual contributors. They are united by a shared commitment to their community hospital and the belief that better health care builds stronger families.

One donor, an El Camino Hospital employee told us, “I look at the Foundation as a bright light that shines on the community and the hospital and touching so many different lives in so many different ways. Who wouldn’t want to share in that?”

During this season of giving, El Camino Hospital Foundation invites you to share in that light and that joy. Please consider performing an act of kindness that will help someone else by making a gift to El Camino Hospital Foundation. You can support a specific hospital program that touches your heart or make a gift to the El Camino Fund to help meet the greatest emerging needs. Visit!/donation/checkout.


This article first appeared in the December 2018 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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