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March Health Tips

March 2022 Health Tips

You've almost made it to spring! Get yourself through the homestretch with these quick health tips.

1-Minute Tip: Sip on a cup of immunity-promoting tea. Drinking green tea is a great way to boost your immunity against viral infections!

5-Minute Tip: Make your bike night-ready with reflective tape. You can't always count on cars spotting you. A little bit of reflective tape can go a long way!

15-Minute Tip: Read a chapter from your favorite book. Aside from being a nice escape, reading has been recommended by the National Institute on Aging to keep your mind engaged.

30-Minute Tip: Set your phone to Do Not Disturb. Reserve some time in your day to go off the radar and enjoy some peace and quiet without the constant distractions and notifications that we’ve become accustomed to.


This article first appeared in the March 2022 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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