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May Health Tips

May 2021 Health Tips

Here are some useful tips for this month.

1-Minute Tip: Use over-the-counter allergy medication: If you’re typically affected by allergies this time of year, make sure you have a supply of over-the-counter medications ready to go. Check the expiration date if you haven’t used it since last year.

5-Minute Tip: Check the batteries in your smoke or carbon monoxide detector: Make sure these important devices are working properly and replace old batteries with new ones if needed.

15-Minute Tip: Change your air filter: When was the last time you changed the filter for your home heating and air conditioner system? With dust and increased levels of pollen, switch out your filter for cleaner, better quality air. Many experts recommend switching your filter every 90 days.

30-Minute Tip: Wake up thirty minutes earlier: With increased sunshine during the day, get up earlier and establish a well-rounded morning routine. Get outside and take advantage of the good weather. Doing so can improve your mood and help you get essential vitamins.


This article first appeared in the May 2021 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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