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Mental Health Awareness

Did you know that Mental health conditions impact 20% of the entire United States population age 18 and older each year? And Approximately 1 in 5 youth aged 13–18 (21.4%) experiences a severe mental disorder in a given year? Understanding the difference between expected behaviors and signs of a mental illness is not always easy, but it’s important to pay attention to the warning signs. Some common signs of a mental health condition include:

  • Excessive worrying or fear
  • Extreme mood changes
  • Prolonged or strong feelings of irritability or anger
  • Avoiding friends and social activities
  • Changes in sleeping and eating habits

We’re offering educational events throughout the month of May 2016 on various mental health topics, including A Discussion with Moms on Maintain their Mental Health and a Youth Mental Health Lecture. For more events, visit the Classes & Events section of our website.

This article first appeared in the May 2016 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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