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November 2016 Health Tips

Here are some healthy tips to help you get through the season mindfully and feeling like you didn’t completely derail all of your health goals.

1-minute tip: Trim the fat. Turkey is generally a staple in November for holiday gatherings and Thanksgiving. The skin may be delicious, but it’s very high in fat – and not the good kind of fat. Trim off the fat from your turkey helping before you start eating and make the meal a little healthier.

5-minute tip: Be mindful of liquid calories. Calories from alcohol, egg nog, and other holiday indulgences can sneak up on you. Enjoy yourself, but in moderation. You’ll thank yourself the next morning.

15-minute tip: Join the cleanup crew. After a big family feast, pitch in with cleaning up the mess. Time spent cleaning up, washing dishes, and standing can help to whittle away some calories. Plus, being helpful will increase positive energy.

30-minute tip: Meditation. Overdoses of family and food can cause stress, especially if you’re hosting holiday celebrations. Take time for some quiet mindfulness and meditation, such as sitting and simply focusing on your breathing.

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