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Nutritious Tips for March

Apply these easy, quick tips to get you feeling—and looking—better with good nutrition.

1-minute tip: Skip the beer. Instead of guzzling down high-calorie, low nutrition alcoholic beverages this St. Patrick’s Day, opt for water, club soda, black coffee, or (green!) tea.

5-minute tip: Reflect. Take some time to consider what your weekly diet is composed of. Are you getting enough fiber? How much sugar do you consume? Did you eat enough (or any) vegetables yesterday?

15-minute tip: Create and stick to a shopping list. Use 15 minutes to write down healthy ingredients and foods for you to eat throughout the week (see next tip). Then stick to that list! Impulsive buying while shopping is a bad habit that can lead you to snagging unhealthy snacks and beverages.

30-minute tip: Meal prep. The best way for you to stick to good nutrition is to prepare your meals ahead of time for the week. Poor eating can often come from eating out, where portion sizes are bigger and ingredients can be unhealthy. Know what you are putting into your body by making nutritious meals beforehand, so you can get the speed of eating out, but with the healthy benefits of using fresh and healthy ingredients.

This article first appeared in the March 2017 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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