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October Health Tips

October 2020 Health Tips

October is Emotional Wellness Month, and this year it’s especially important that we take time to decompress, unwind and nurture ourselves during these stressful times.

1-Minute Tip: Set a daily goal. Take one minute out of your morning to set a goal for the day. Completing a goal such as putting away your laundry or washing the dishes is a way to stay on top of your day. When you cross off items on your to-do list (no matter how small the task), you feel a sense of accomplishment which helps reduce daily stress buildup.

5-Minute Tip: Create a daily affirmation. Take five minutes at the beginning of your day to address your biggest stressor — identifying the key issue, creating a positive affirmation about it and repeating it to yourself throughout the day. Are you anxious about your weight? Your affirmation could be “My weight does not define me, and I deserve love.” Or if you’re questioning whether you’re on the right path, you could say “I trust that I am headed in the right direction.”

15-Minute Tip: Take a break. It is incredibly important to strive for balance between work and play, especially in times like these when boundaries are blurred. There is a time to be productive, but don’t be afraid to take breaks and spend time doing things you enjoy to break up the day. Take 15 minutes a day to unwind by watering your plants or walking your pet. This will motivate you and boost your daily productivity.

30-Minute Tip: Decompress without screens. In an increasingly digital world, it is important that we take a step back from our screens at least once a day. The time we spend online, in email and on social media platforms affects our emotional health by overwhelming our brains with information. Make sure you take at least 30 minutes a day to fully unplug, turn off electronics and do something you love — while leaving your phone turned off or stored in a safe place.

Emotional well-being is incredibly important as we collectively experience challenging times. If you or a loved one is struggling with negative emotions, please visit our Mental Health Programs page to find support programs available to you.


This article first appeared in the October 2020 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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