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September 2015: Healthy Tips

1 minute – In your own home or at a buffet style restaurant, grab the smaller plate option. It’ll take less food to fill your plate and less to make your stomach feel full. This is an excellent way to reduce your chances of overeating!

5 minutes – Swap your morning cup of joe for green tea. Green tea has benefits beyond serving as your caffeine fix; it’ll help you get and stay hydrated, it provides an abundance of antioxidants and it can help strengthen your immune system.

15 minutes – Clean up your desk. Did you know that as many as 283 species of bacteria can thrive in ordinary office dust, including streptococcus – the main cause of strep throat? Help yourself by keeping your working space clean and disinfected by using an antibacterial all-purpose cleaner.

30 minutes – As school gets back into session, make your mornings enjoyable. It’s easier to get up for the day if you’re waking up into a stress-free environment. Pack lunches ahead of time, lay out clothes and pack backpacks, and have a plan to start your day hassle-free.

This article first appeared in the August/September 2015 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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