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Seven Gifts to Spread the Health This Holiday Season

We've rounded up seven healthy gift ideas that are guaranteed to make the people on your list feel good, inside and out.

1. Holiday Trail Mix Tin

Combine equal parts of pistachios with dried cranberries and place in a festive tin, and then add a note of thanks and a cheerful ribbon. The blend of nuts and dried fruit is a nourishing snack with healthy fat and fiber.

2. Mug and Tea Set

Open a box of individually wrapped, herbal tea bags such as apple cinnamon or peppermint and stuff them into a pretty travel mug. Herbal tea is a calorie-free, flavorful way to stay hydrated.

3. Soothing Neck Wrap

Share the gift of relaxation with a heat-soothing neck wrap. All you need is a knee sock, a bag of rice, lavender or eucalyptus oil, and some ribbon. This simple and fun wrap produces a warm, moist heat, and the essential oils provide aromatherapy benefits.

4. Office Oatmeal Kit

Let co-workers know you're thinking of them (and their health) without breaking the bank. Put a couple of oatmeal packets in a microwave-safe container and pop a bow on top. Giving microwave-safe containers to stash in their desk makes it easier to stay healthy at the office.

5. Gym Bag Beauty Kit

Show your support for your friend's active lifestyle with a cute toiletry bag for that next jaunt to the gym. Add toiletries like mini deodorant, face wipes and teeth wisps to a duffel-friendly tote, along with an inspirational message to inspire motivation.

6. Scented Reed Diffuser

Perfect for the party host, a lavender-cedar wood reed diffuser (or a candle) in a festive bag is a simple way to say thanks for the hospitality. And scents such as vanilla or lavender provide relaxation, while some scents such as jasmine are said to reduce chocolate cravings.

7. Cinnamon Sugar Almonds

Give a gift loaded with protein, vitamin E, and fiber! Cinnamon sugar almonds wrapped in funnel-shaped holiday paper are a tasty treat and a healthy alternative to a sugar-laden box of candy.

This story first appeared in the December 2014 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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