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South Asian Heart Center Plans Major Expansion

The South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital was established in 2006 to address the epidemic of heart disease among people who trace their origins to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The elevated risk, between two and four times greater than that of other ethnic populations, is due to a combination of genetics, behavior and environmental factors.

The Center’s AIM to Prevent program uses advanced testing to determine each participant’s risk levels. The Center works with patients and their physicians to better understand those risk factors and to mitigate them through meditation, exercise, diet and sleep. The Center also offers lifetime health coaching to provide ongoing monitoring and encouragement.

To address the community’s needs, the South Asian Heart Center opened satellite offices in Los Gatos and South San Jose and is preparing for future expansion into the Fremont area; the expansion will enable the Center to triple the volume of screenings it performs to 3,000 per year. “Overcoming this disproportionate risk due to genetic legacy and lifestyle disorders is going to require the commitment and dedication of our team at the Center and the support of the community,” says Executive Director Ashish Mathur. If you would like to learn about opportunities to support the Center’s expansion, contact the center at 650-940-7154.

The Center has also inaugurated a new Pay it Forward (PIF) program to honor donors who contribute $500 or more. Each participant who comes to the Center will receive a PIF card with the name of the donor who helped to underwrite his or her screening. The card will also encourage the participant to pay the gift forward, thereby helping to multiply the number of community members who can benefit from the Center’s lifesaving program.

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