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Health Tips

Summer 2018 Health Tips

Even the smallest changes can make a huge impact on your health!

1-Minute Tip: Start every day with a glass of water with lemon. Adding a little fresh lemon juice to your water first thing in the morning not only helps you stay hydrated, the lemon will give you a vitamin C and potassium boost. The acidity will also aid digestion and help prevent kidney stones.

5-Minute Tip: Opt for fruit. Summer means get-togethers and BBQs with friends and family, which can also mean the possibility of unhealthy food options. Cure your sweet tooth with fruit instead of something artificially sweet. It’s sweet enough to curb cravings and it’s a lot healthier for you.

15-Minute Tip: Find a new passion. Think about something that you’d like to start or spend a little more time doing—like reading, gardening, painting—and set aside some time to do it. These activities can be especially relaxing and meditative.

30-Minute Tip: Try a water workout. Water sports burn a lot of calories because they’re a full body workout. Thirty minutes of light to moderate lap swimming can burn over 230 calories. If you’re not an experienced swimmer you can try a water aerobics class or Aqua Zumba. Some places are even offering yoga and fitness classes on floating water boards!


This article first appeared in the July/August 2018 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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