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Summer Health Tips - July 29, 2020

Summer 2020 Health Tips

More and more of us are adapting to new realities and altering our lifestyles accordingly. These changes to our daily routines take time to get used to and are challenging for all of us. We hope you find these tips for looking after ourselves useful.

1-Minute Tip: Reconnect. Take a moment every day to send a quick text to that friend or family member who you forgot to respond to or check-in on. These are unprecedented times, and everyone’s mental health is struggling. Make sure you’re staying connected even if you feel like you’re on top of your quarantine game.

5-Minute Tip: Reframe. Spend five minutes a day reminding yourself of the long-avoided chore that you’ve been putting off or the hobby you’ve been meaning to start, and plan your next step — no matter how small. It’s time to reframe working from home and being stuck inside as an opportunity to refocus our attention from the external to the internal and complete some well overdue tasks.

15-Minute Tip: Realign. Loose boundaries and a muddled routine can make you feel disorganized and uneasy. There’s no better time than now to take 15 minutes a day to reflect on your environment and realign in order to keep your space organized and clean — even if that just means a speed-cleaning of your work area or exercise corner.

30-Minute Tip: Rediscover. Why not make our quarantined days special? Start a new ritual for half an hour each day. Whether that’s picking up the book you started six months ago or finishing that push-up challenge you gave up on after New Year’s. Create a meditation corner in your living room or start taking long baths again. Whatever makes you tick, zone in on it and rediscover the passion and joy it brings you.


This article first appeared in the Summer 2020 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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