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Active Seniors

Ways Seniors Can Stay Active While at Home

With many seniors adhering to quarantine mandates, it can make getting enough physical activity difficult. Read on for ways to stay active and safe while staying home.

With quarantine and pandemic mandates still in effect, many of us are not leaving the house as much as we once did. Grocery outings are limited, as are most other typical day-to-day activities. This can make it difficult to find ways to stay active and happy — especially for seniors.

Since seniors have a higher risk for COVID-19, they’ve been particularly affected by the virus and necessary stay at home measures. It can be especially difficult for seniors to find ways to safely exercise at home, but luckily, we’ve got tips!

Below are some guidelines for safely staying active, even when you’re staying home:

  • Keep on your feet: The first thing many of us want to do when we get home is to sit down. But if you’ve been home for a while, it’s important to get on your feet and keep moving. Cleaning, for example, is a great way to move around the house. Freshen your living space while also keeping your blood pumping. Things like vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are all great and simple ways to exercise. Throw on some music and make it enjoyable. Not only will it keep your body active, but it can also improve your mood!
  • Exercise videos: There are so many resources available nowadays to help us stay active even when we might feel sedentary. Many of these resources are even free! YouTube and many exercise apps offer videos of home-friendly workouts you can follow. Whether it’s stretching, yoga or tai chi, there are several fun ways to increase your heart rate — just make sure to clear your exercise space of any safety hazards, like loose rugs or clutter on the floor.
  • Outdoor projects: If you have a home with a backyard, find a new project to do. Throughout quarantine, many have found ways to keep their mind and body at work outdoors. Birdhouses, sheds, garden beds, and more — the list goes on! If you live in an apartment, you might consider making a miniature herb garden, or potting plants. These seemingly small projects can make a difference in the long run. The act of watering plants, potting them and rearranging them can be a way to stay moving. Try a new recipe with the herbs you’ve planted and move around the kitchen while you cook!

  • Stretching and meditation: Being stuck at home incorporates a lot of sitting. Consider performing simple arm and leg exercises with weights each day. Meditating while stretching is also a great way to help your body while also resetting your mind.

Trying to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic isn’t easy for anyone — many have been struggling both physically and emotionally. But don’t give up! Find simple and fun ways to move your body and improve your mood. Check out our Stay Healthy page for further insights on how to take care of yourself and others during this challenging time.


This article first appeared in the November 2020 edition of the HealthPerks newsletter.

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