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El Camino Health has a number of safety measures in place to ensure your baby is secure during your stay with us.

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Mothers’ and babies’ health and welfare are our highest priority. We take several precautions to ensure your baby’s safety during your hospital stay. When you’re admitted, you’ll learn about our security measures — including how to identify staff and who you can allow to take your baby back to the nursery.

For your baby’s protection, El Camino Health uses:

  • ID bands. You and your baby have matching numbered identification bands, along with a third person whom you designate (husband, partner or other trusted person). People without bands aren’t allowed to transport your baby or enter the nursery.
  • Security cameras and doors. The hospital is equipped with locked, alarmed doors and security cameras in public areas. Security staff monitor cameras and ensure no unauthorized people enter or leave mother-baby or nursery areas.
  • An infant tagging system. Babies are fitted with a special security band that will set off an alarm if they leave the area. This advanced infant tagging system provides extra security for your baby.