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After months of waiting and preparing, you’ve welcomed your new baby and you’ll be going home together. We offer a few special services for your convenience.

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At El Camino Health, we’re committed to providing exceptional care for you and your baby, and we believe that part of exceptional care is making things convenient for you. In addition to providing breastfeeding support and assistance during your stay, we offer some additional services and conveniences for mothers and babies.

Birth Recording Services

Our birth recorder will visit you to gather information for your baby’s birth certificate. The birth recorder will submit the information to the county and explain how you can order copies for your records. If you have questions about your baby’s birth certificate, call the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, Vital Records and Registration at 408-299-5688.

As an added convenience, El Camino Health will help you begin the process to apply for your baby’s social security number. The number should be mailed to you within eight weeks. For questions about your baby’s social security number, call the U.S. Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213.

For more information about obtaining your baby’s birth certificate and social security number, visit the Birth Registration FAQ.

Immunization and Screening

During your hospital stay, we'll provide your baby's first immunization, the hepatitis B vaccine. Your doctor will talk to you about your child’s future immunizations.

As part of El Camino Health's participation in statewide newborn screening programs, your baby will be tested for a number of disorders, including:

  • Congenital heart disease.
  • Metabolic diseases, which affect the body's ability to use certain nutrients for growth, energy and repair.
  • Endocrine diseases, which cause the body to create too much or not enough of certain hormones.
  • Hemoglobin diseases, which affect red blood cells and these cells' ability to carry oxygen throughout the body.
  • Hearing problems.

Baby's First Photo

We are happy to partner with First Day Photo to provide professional newborn photography in the comfort of your own Maternity Suite. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please visit www.firstdayphoto.com or text First Day Photo at 800-770-1926.