Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care volunteers assist the hospital's professional chaplain by making assigned rounds to patients, families and staff. The volunteer becomes an additional referral source to alert the chaplain of follow-up needs a patient or family may have. The goal is to create an environment where spiritual, emotional and physical healing can occur.

The Volunteer …

  • Offers empathetic listening and supportive presence
  • Offers prayer and/or appropriate readings only when mutually agreed upon by the patient and/or family
  • Notifies the patient's faith community if the patient so desires and grants permission
  • Documents observations made and any actions taken, or follow-up needs on cards filed in the Spiritual Care office
  • Communicates to the chaplain any pertinent observations

The Volunteer does not …

  • Give advice or proselytize
  • Attempt to "fix" the patient's problems
  • Become involved in the patient's physical care
  • Become involved in legal or ethical issues or promote his/her own religious beliefs
  • Share his/her own personal problems, emotional needs, or health experiences

The process to become a volunteer includes …

  • Completing a Spiritual Care volunteer application
  • Interview with the chaplain
  • Health screening
  • Satisfactory completion of a background check
  • Orientation including 8 classroom hours and 8 hours of practicum
  • Being a member of a faith community
  • Making a 6-month commitment of consistent service
  • Being at least 21 years of age

For more information or to apply please call 650-988-7568.




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