El Camino Health Foundation partners with you to advance healthcare through philanthropy. 
Help our Mountain View and Los Gatos hospitals keep our community as healthy and safe as possible during the coronavirus crisis. Support the doctors and nurses on the front line of care. Please donate to the El Camino Health COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund today. If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please contact the foundation.

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With Your Support: Taking Care of Our Community Through COVID-19 | El Camino Health

We work with grateful patients and families, doctors, nurses, employees and community leaders to raise funds to improve healthcare for our community through programs and services at El Camino Health.

The donations we receive enable El Camino Health to provide an exceptional level of care — care that’s not always covered by fees and reimbursements. They support investment in new technology, seed innovative programs that meet emerging needs and provide assistance for patients who could use an extra hand. In addition, philanthropic support helps El Camino Health create an atmosphere of advancement and learning for doctors, nurses and staff, and offers fulfilling opportunities for donors and volunteers — all of which enhance patient care.

Whether you make an outright gift, remember the Foundation in your estate plan, or support one of our events, your generosity makes a healthy difference for patients and families in our community.

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Thinking Bold: Support Our Strategic Fundraising Initiatives

By making a gift to the Foundation, you can be a partner and help fulfill critical needs at El Camino Health. Current fundraising initiatives focus on cancer care, heart and vascular care, stroke, mental health and addiction services, clinical research, nursing excellence and targeted health programs for our diverse community.

Fulfilling the Promise: Mental Health and Addiction Services

A quarter of all adults and a fifth of teens age 13 to 18 experience a serious mental health condition in a given year. More than 90,000 people a year die from alcohol use disorders alone. There aren’t enough resources to meet the need for treatment services. El Camino Health has reaffirmed its commitment to provide expert, compassionate mental health and addiction care by building a new inpatient facility on the Mountain View campus and expanding targeted outpatient treatment programs that meet observed needs in our community. With your help, we can give more members of our community a better chance to achieve their promise, as we fulfill ours. For more information, please send us an email or call us at 650-940-7154.

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Patient with two caring nurses at Cancer Center

Cancer Care

One of every two Americans will be touched by cancer in their lifetimes. Many of us have a colleague, friend, neighbor or loved one who has faced this difficult disease. Donations help our Cancer Center provide the level of care typically found at academic medical centers, delivered with the compassionate, personalized approach you expect from a community hospital. To learn about naming opportunities at the Cancer Center and other ways you can advance cancer care at El Camino Health, please send us an email or call us at 650-940-7154.

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South Asian Heart Center

People of South Asian descent have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes compared with the general population — two to four times higher. Conventional medical practice doesn’t take into account their special risk factors. The South Asian Heart Center’s proven and culturally tailored program includes advanced screening to uncover the hidden risks and lifestyle counseling to mitigate them through meditation, exercise, diet and sleep. Your donation will help the center expand so it can serve more people. For more information, please send us an email or call us at 650-940-7154.

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Chinese Health Initiative

Chinese Health Initiative

Chinese Health Initiative at El Camino Health is the leading culturally sensitive health resource for the Chinese community in Silicon Valley. El Camino Hospital established the Chinese Health Initiative in 2010 to better serve this population’s distinct healthcare needs. In collaboration with Chinese professional, community and healthcare organizations, the Chinese Health Initiative conducts free screenings for and educational programs about hepatitis B, liver cancer, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and other diseases that are taking a disproportionate toll on the community. The Chinese Health Initiative grows along with the community it serves, but it needs your philanthropic partnership in order to do so. For more information, please send us an email or call us at 650-940-7154.

「華人健康促進計畫」是北加州唯一在主流醫院中設立,專門服務華人的部門 ,以促進華人的身心健康為宗旨,為矽谷(硅谷)華人社區提供適合其語言文化需求的健康醫療資源。我們針對華人高發病B型 (乙型 ) 肝炎、肝癌、高血壓、中風、糖尿病提供免費的健康篩檢和教育講座,與華裔醫生合作把專業的醫療常識以中文帶進華人社區,增進華人對常見健康問題的認識和預防,並認識美國的醫療系統;我們開辦保健氣功課和中醫講座,把中國傳統的保健方法融入現代人生活;並在醫院內與各部門合作,為華人提供適合其語言和文化習慣的服務。感謝您對我們的支持,幫助我們把健康帶進華人社區!

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Watch this video to learn how donations support the clinical research that provides new hope for patients.

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