Community Benefit

Despite the prosperity of our region, there are still many unmet needs in the community we serve. El Camino Health makes those needs a priority.

For more than 55 years, El Camino Health has provided healthcare services beyond our walls — crossing barriers of age, education and income level — to serve the people of our region — because a healthier Community benefits us all.

Community Benefit Program*

Building a stronger community requires a combined effort. It’s been our privilege to collaborate with leaders, individuals and organizations who hold a special understanding of health disparities in our neighborhoods. Working together has greatly improved our ability to make a difference.

El Camino Health in partnership with El Camino Healthcare District, is proud to provide funding through our Community Benefit Program. We provide grants and sponsorship opportunities for programs that demonstrate they can meet the health needs of underserved and at-risk community members.

Every year, our hospitals publish a joint Community Benefit Report in partnership with the District. The report describes the programs we fund, as well as highlights of program accomplishments and a financial summary.

Community Health Needs Assessment

El Camino Health uses information from the most recent 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to inform the Community Benefit grant-making process, which is described in El Camino Health's annual Implementation Strategy Report and Community Benefit Plan.  The CHNA is conducted every three years by El Camino Health in collaboration with other local health systems.

The five health needs selected through the 2022 CHNA being addressed are:

  • Healthcare Access & Delivery (including oral health)
  • Behavioral Health (including domestic violence & trauma)
  • Diabetes & Obesity
  • Chronic Conditions (other than Diabetes & Obesity)
  • Economic Stability (including food insecurity, housing & homelessness)

Past Initiatives

If you'd like an overarching view of the programs that have received support over the years, you may download these past Community Benefit Reports:

* El Camino Hospital is the legal and funding entity for El Camino Health's community benefit program. The community benefit requirement applies to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt hospitals.