Care Team

The digestive health team at El Camino Health works together to diagnose and treat your disease in a caring and comfortable setting.

Our digestive health doctors are noted for their outstanding training at top medical centers across the country. Nearly all are board certified and fellowship trained. They combine their medical expertise with a compassion and concern meant to relieve your anxiety and put you at ease.

Our entire team practices a patient-centered philosophy and is sensitive to how your illness affects your life.

El Camino Health’s team approach to care gives you the benefit of multiple disciplines working together to create a personalized care plan for you. Our digestive health experts include:

  • Colorectal surgeons – Doctors whose primary training and focus is on surgically treating diseases of the colon and rectum.
  • Gastroenterologists – Medical specialists who focus on diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions of the digestive organs. They are experts in endoscopy procedures, which are used both to find answers to your symptoms and treat those symptoms.
  • General surgeons – Doctors with training in surgery for a variety of organs. Some have specialized fellowship training in areas of the digestive tract, such as pancreas, liver and esophagus.
  • Hepatologists – Doctors who specialize in diseases of the liver, including hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer.
  • Interventional endoscopists – Gastrointestinal (GI) doctors who specialize in procedures using scopes to treat the digestive organs.
  • Medical oncologists – Experts in digestive system cancer.
  • Neurogastroenterologists – GI doctors who focus on functional problems of the digestive tract, especially the esophagus, stomach and intestines.
  • Pathologists – Doctors who study tissue samples under a microscope to diagnose cancer and other conditions.
  • Radiation oncologists – Specialists in radiation therapy for digestive organ cancers.
  • Radiologists – Doctors who interpret images of the digestive tract.

Other people who may contribute to your care include:

  • Oncology coordinator who schedules appointments, answers questions and coordinates all aspects of your care.
  • Nutritionists who specialize in working with people who have digestive diseases.
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners who specialize in the care of people with digestive conditions and diseases.

Tumor Board

El Camino Health’s tumor board routinely brings together cancer experts from a variety of disciplines to collaborate on customized care plans for each patient who has cancer. As we pool our knowledge and experience, we work together toward a common goal — to make sure you get the best possible care.

Your Opinion Matters

Because your comfort and well-being are important to us, we encourage you to take an active part in your care and welcome your feedback. Nurse managers are available to speak with you, and you may also call or write the patient experience team at 650-962-5836 or